Life is a work in progress.



A coin Toss - shortAfter the Party - shortJohnny's Goodbye - shortAll the Angles - shortRight Brain, Left Brain - shortSomething Bigger - ShortRain Dogs - shortUnrequited - shortAll is Well - short There are...


Words on a page I wrote my first short story, well the first one that wan’t a class assignment, on a typewriter that sat in the kitchen in the house of memories that is now...


If you're here, then you're here for the song. Click to download zipped version of the song.   Read More "stepinsidethishouse"

Running errands

Grandpa was born Clyde Lamar Hatcher in the Oklahoma territory before it had achieved statehood. When he was no more than two or three his... Read More "Running errands"

Beauty, you know, in the eye

It was sorrow's call that brought us there. Loneliness kept us in our seats, We talked of beauty, love and lesser things. The candles all... Read More "Beauty, you know, in the eye"

Chicago circa 1900

This actually begins a little earlier than 1900, but Chicago circa 1900 should cover some years prior. My grandfather was born in Chicago in 1894.... Read More "Chicago circa 1900"

Thought goes here…

I am at the crossroads. I came to ask the devil to teach me to play guitar, but he's claiming it's all drum machines and... Read More "Thought goes here…"

The Ballad of Spider John

The other night I force fed several story songs to my 4381 class. I was trying to point out narrative structure in songs. I inundated... Read More "The Ballad of Spider John"

It was sometime late December, a couple of decades ago.

The plaster fell from the wall. The mic stand hadn't seen a mic in a dozen months or more. The decorator had died before starting... Read More "It was sometime late December, a couple of decades ago."